Imagine yourself on the top of the Tanargue mountain, a breathtaking sunset, a gentle breeze caressing your face – how do you feel?
Euphoria, immensity, happiness, joy, sadness, peace, serenity, a sense of accomplishment and surpassing yourself – or just “Wow!”

Recharge your batteries, switch off… a moment of pure simplicity

Come and enjoy some rare, authentic, pure and magical moments… the promise of the Cévennes d’Ardèche.

Beaumicou waterfall


Nature offers us unsuspected treasures that you should enjoy whenever you can

The seasons

The seasons form an endless cycle that gives rhythm to the lives of humankind, animals and plants as well as offering us unforgettable moments.

A breath of warm air that heralds the spring, the gentle, golden morning light that gradually illuminates the still-sleeping valleys, the flamboyant colours of the leaves changing in autumn and the flavour of a chestnut that has just been roasted as you put it into your mouth… Everything here is a source of wonder.

Everything you need!

Whether you’re the type that enjoys cocooning close to nature or you’re into extreme sports, you’ll be able to let go and enjoy. The only thing you’ll want… is to start all over again!

The wild rivers offer unspoilt places to indulge in a bit of fishing, relaxing, swimming or various sports.

Hundreds of hiking trails snake across the mountains, which are a constant source of wonder: breathtaking panoramic views, the unique diversity of the landscapes because of the exceptional geology, unforgettable encounters with wild animals and so on.

Tanargue mountain

The picturesque villages, the architectural gems and the vast wealth of our natural heritage will take the most curious visitors on an emotionally powerful journey through time.

Our human heritage, ancestral skills and the artists who are still very much present will enchant everyone who loves arts and crafts.

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