Satisfied or your money back!

In the Cévennes d’Ardèche, we can guarantee you a certain number of things:

  • Cicadas that chirp from May to late August
  • An exceptional amount of sunshine all year round
  • High-quality local produce
  • Crystal-clear waters to cool down…


But we can also guarantee a sense of wonder, and yes, Ardeche is “wonderful”!

A picturesque land full of contrasts…

From dolmens to terraces, understanding the history of the Cévennes d’Ardèche will help you understand and explore its extremely rich natural and built heritage, and a great many vestiges left by humankind bear witness to it. All of us strive to perpetuate, preserve and enhance their exceptional qualities.

Les Pauzes – Beaumont

From the Grads plateau to the peaks of the Tanargue, prepared to be blown away! You’ll be amazed by the built heritage and delighted by the many changes of scenery. Spectacular and varied backdrops, unusual encounters and above all, a feeling of completeness await you every day!

Loubaresse village

Megalithic bridge

You’ll find an exceptionally beautiful and simple rural heritage here, with hamlets of limestone, sandstone, shale or granite. You’ll make amazing discoveries and we hope you’ll meet some very interesting people to share our history, our land, our culture and our residents!

Villages de Caractère

Perched in the hills or hidden from view, Villages de Caractère have a certain je ne sais quoi that other villages don’t!

Naves village

Banne village

Narrow alleyways, “calades” or steep stone paths, mysterious little passages, and soul, make up the charm of these picturesque villages. There are 20 of them in the department, each more attractive than the one before. They’ll bewitch you with their charm and authenticity.

Make the most of the “balades découvertes” or “Discovery Trails” as a family in Banne, Gravières, Joyeuse, Les Assions, Ribes, Payzac or Valgorge.

Each season offers different pleasures. Come back whenever you like!