All kinds of skills

Art and Matter

In the Cévennes d’Ardèche, artists and arts craftsmen and women have managed to keep up, and above all, update traditions. When talent meets inspiration, it gives birth to modern and contemporary works. Design unites with fashion, and materials are paired just as one would pair a dish with a wine.

With pottery, jewellery, glasswork, sculpture, leather, wood and stonework, enter into this unique world of art where excellence and authenticity await you.

Don’t miss Pépit’Art

1 start-up collective, 3 artists, 3 worlds, 3 studios

3 artists enjoy the use of adapted studios at the start-up collective Pépit’Art in Chandolas, a place that encourages creation and acts as a springboard for young professionals from various artistic fields.


Joyeuse, Ville et Métiers d’Art label

Since 2015, the town of Joyeuse has been awarded the title of “Ville et Métiers d’Art”. The Rue des Arts collective has breathed new life into the Grand Rue. The ancient stalls have become studio-boutiques and the artists welcome visitors and introduce them to sometimes little-known materials with a French feel where artistic creation is associated with a certain way of life.