Le sentier des Lauzes slate trail

In a wild and unspoilt valley of the Cévennes d’Ardèche is the Sentier des Lauzes (Slate Trail), a hiking trail dotted with installations by renowned artists overlooking spectacular landscapes of nature and rural heritage.

An enlightening path…

In the Cévennes d’Ardèche, the roofs of the Cevennes farmhouses are covered with shale slates known as “lauzes”.

This “lauze” led to a path being called “Le Sentier des Lauzes”. Download the circuit.

Along the labyrinthine path that winds across the Drobie Valley, you’ll find artworks created by artists in residence.

All along the path, you can admire the Drobie Valley’s beautiful scenery, its architecture and heritage revealed and enhanced by artists and designers. The path will also remind you of the area’s fragility. The trail is dotted with artwork, with sculptures in wood or slate in the undergrowth or along the “Belvédère des Lichens”. Who knows, you might even come across an artist in residence!