Eating Local

Eating Differently!

Looking after yourself and appreciating the good things in life is an obvious thing to do. Going green during a getaway break doesn’t necessarily mean depriving yourself… quite the opposite, in fact!

Everything here means that indulgence and pleasure go hand in hand.

Delicious indulgence!

Set off to meet some farmers at the local markets, stroll past the brightly coloured, delicious-smelling stalls and ask for advice – what more could you want?!

From the farmer to the consumer, there’s only one step: try a piece of picodon goat’s cheese, a slice of gingerbread pain d’épices made with chestnut honey or a mouthful of our famous pork and chard caillettes.

And as a bonus, you’ll share a warm, authentic moment with people who are passionate about our local Cévennes gastronomy and get some advice about enhancing your meal with a good local wine or a great recipe.

The Cévennes d’Ardèche is a generous place – sharing and hospitality are the notions we live by!

During your excursions, you’ll come across faïsses (stone terraces), béalières (leats) and capitelles (dry stone huts), the lovingly restored vestiges of a rich agricultural past. Our food here has the authentic taste of what we admire.

We’ll always promote local production and local distribution networks to encourage job creation, protect our ancestral skills and preserve our typical landscapes.

And last but not least, eating local is also and above all simply delicious! So why not try a traditional market, a good restaurant or a producer’s tasting session?