Picodon Cheese

Goat cheese is without doubt the cheese to taste while you’re visiting the Cévennes d’Ardèche.

Picodon PDO, guaranteed 100% local!

Picodon is a goat cheese whose quality and character are rigorously controlled.

Picodon box

Did you know?

Picodon cheese is made of goat’ milk curdled for 24 hours, moulded with a ladle into strainers, salted and turned several times before being dried and matured.

 A soft but strong cheese with a candid yet subtle taste, made according to artisanal traditions, Picodon reveals the local flavours of our Cévennes d’Ardèche.

Picodon cheese is an ideal companion for all your starters and main dishes. Its unique flavour with notes of hazelnut and mushrooms, sometimes slightly sharp, should be savoured with a good wine!

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