Conquering the cliffs?

Whether granite, limestone, shale or sandstone, each cliff face offers its own wonders!

Solo, tandem, super pro or accompanied by a guide – everyone can find their ideal way of enjoying this great variety of rocky routes.

Let the rope guide you


Climbing is a very popular sport here. A great number of routes are listed in the ‘topo guide d’escalade de l’Ardèche’ (Ardeche climbing guidebook) on sale in the Tourist Office. The best known spot is in Casteljau, but there are several other, more remote places that will charm solo climbers.


Oh yes! You can travel horizontally as well, in the hollows of the limestone cliffs in the mythical Chassezac Gorges – check out the Via Corda in the Cirque d’Endieu…

Via corda

Travel horizontally for several hundred metres, attached to a rope as you head towards the grand finale! All the equipment such as snaphooks and helmets is provided – all you have to do is conquer the cliff and follow the rope. It will guide you like a lifeline, leading you to exceptional viewpoints for your eyes only. This activity is suitable for families, there’s no risk!

Above the void

Have you heard of slacklining? “Slack what?” you might say. Don’t worry, this new discipline, which involves walking along a flat cable anchored between two trees, has evolved and now you can walk between two cliffs, often several metres above the ground or the river.

Slackline meeting

Slackline meeting

Exhilaration guaranteed!

To admire slackline professionals at the top of their game, a competition (Ardèche Slackline Meeting) is organised every spring and guarantees an amazing spectacle over the weekend.

So… want to try? Professional instructors will help you experience a magical moment with plenty of thrills. It’s this way ici !?